Clean Harvest CBD

Your Health Is Everything. 

Clean Harvest CBD products are professionally formulated and reviewed by World Canna Health selected physicians, formulators and researchers. All products are independently tested to ensure absolute quality and purity.


Our hemp is sourced from the finest US hemp farms that well exceed the standards accepted by others.       


The final product combines the benefits of hemp CBD (Cannabidiol) with other  natural ingredients to create a powerful bioceutical substance unlike any other*.


Whether you are using a tincture or salve, whether you are seeking relief or calm, rest assured that the Clean Harvest CBD products are the best that nature and science have to offer*. 

Happy Senior Couple

Takela Cain is a proud provider of quality CBD and cannabis products for happy and healthy living living 



Takela Cain is dedicated brings a wealth of knowledge and professionalism to her clients. She is a medical professional and a Master Cannabinologist®   
Her desire is to further educate her clients in the proper and effective use of CBD and other bioceuticals.   

With a heart for service to her clients, she is always ready to counsel you in regard to all questions you may have about the very real benefits of CBD and plant meds.


Clean Harvest CBD  products are endorsed by the globally recognized World Canna Health.